Aviary Wonders is my first illustrated book, released in 2014. It is set in the near future and is based on the premise that the bird populations on Earth are in perilous decline. Alfred Wallis, son of a timber magnate, is sent to Brazil to scout new forests for his father’s company and becomes and avid bird enthusiast. He devises a plan to repopulate the worlds bird populations by manufacturing birds himself. His company, Aviary Wonders Inc., sells fine, handcrafted bird parts that customers may combine in various ways to create birds of their own.

From the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt website:

“Since 2031, Aviary Wonders Inc. has offered bird lovers a unique opportunity: Assemble your own bird from stunningly beautiful and carefully hand-crafted parts. The birds can even be taught to fly and to sing! This slyly satirical crafter’s delight is offered as the perfect antidote to extinction of birds in the wild.”

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