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Botanical Study for the Art of Natural HIstory class

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Overview: Examine one plant, flower, or leaf and sketch from observation.

IN CLASS: Sketch the anatomy of a plant based on the images below (photos by Karl Blossfeldt). For homework, please choose a different (actual, not a photograph) plant, flower, or leaf to draw.

Lens of a Nearsighted Eye: Inspiration Thursday #10: Karl ...

Karl Blossfeldt | Michael Hoppen Gallery

5 Photograph by Karl Blossfeldt

Objectives: Close examination of a plant specimen and accurate drawing, with special attention paid to proportions and patterns of veins.

Instructions: Choose a specimen to draw and make notes as to the size and arrangement of leaves and petals. (Optional: Research the origin of your plant- find out what region it is native to. Try to find out what species depend on it for food or shelter.) Also, try to find the Latin and common name for your plant and label your drawing.

What's due: Completed drawing or painting with notes on native habitat and dependent species (optional) in the medium of your choice. Include the Latin and common name for your specimen and label your drawing. PLEASE INCLUDE A PHOTO OF THE SPECIMEN YOU ARE WORKING FROM if you would like me to give feedback on accuracy.

Due date(s): next class

Plant Leaves and Leaf Anatomy

Parts of a flower 430769 Vector Art at Vecteezy

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