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I have been teaching since 1993 (New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Pyramid Atlantic Center) and am currently offering private lessons and small classes in my home studio in Takoma Park, MD.

Private lessons in my home studio:


Drawing from observation is an essential foundation for drawing from the imagination. Students will study proportion, value, and form in order to draw convincing forms in space. Advanced students will learn one- and two-point perspective. Elements of composition and design are also addressed.


Students should have a facility in drawing before beginning painting lessons. Class time is spent painting from observation, so that students develop an understanding of color, mixing color, and value. Students will also learn the principles of color theory as described by Johannes Itten and will experiment in limited palettes to develop their own sense of color harmony.

Art is a balance of technical ability, aesthetic judgement, and emotion. Regardless of style (abstract or realistic), the artist should have control of their materials and a deep understanding of color, atmosphere, and illusion. I am interested in helping the student develop their technical skills so that their range of expression is unlimited.

Private lessons are $55/hour.

A six week commitment is required, to be paid in advance.

Cancellation policy

Once the class time has been agreed upon, changes must be made as follows: To reschedule a class, 48 hour notice is needed. Cancellations made with less than 48 hour notice will not be rescheduled or refunded. In the event of illness, please notify my by 9 am on the morning of class to reschedule. Rescheduling due to illness will be honored once per 12 week session. Cancellations should be made by phone, including text.

To arrange lessons, please email


MEZZOTINT printmaking workshop at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art
July 14th-15th, 9am-5pm
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Mezzotint is a direct, chemical-free method of intaglio printmaking, unique in its tonal richness and potential for soft edges, as seen in the prints of Carol Wax. “Rocking” the plate will be demonstrated, but students will work with pre-rocked plates to speed the process. Be coached through the process of transferring an image to the plate, burnishing and scraping the plate for tonal effects, and all aspects of printing the image on paper.

High School Intensive: BOOK ILLUSTRATION at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art
July 16th-20th, 9am-4pm
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Learn the fundamentals of picture book illustration, including character and storyboard development, narrative and sequential drawing, and book design/ layout. Draw inspiration from book illustration over the centuries, from illuminated manuscripts to contemporary examples. Complete preparatory studies and finished illustrations based on published or personal text in graphite, colored pencil, and various water-media.