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Illustrated Books for Adults and Children

Illustrated Books for Adults and Children

Illustrated books can be humorous, cinematic, quirky, and sometimes dark. Join author Molly Burnham and illustrator Kate Samworth for a course in shaping stories through words and images. Examine classic and contemporary treasures written for adults and/or children and be guided through a series of exercises to generate ideas and hone your communication skills.

Rooted in Kate and Molly's dedication to a positive and creative class, exercises will encourage generating, exploring and revising ideas, as well as drawing and writing prompts that ask the students to explore character, setting and plot. This serious and yet playful class will be based on building the students' skills and confidence through inquiry and investigation. Writing prompts may include improv games like writing from abundance, to imaginary games like what's in my pocket to mapping your story. Anything goes when creating art.

Registration is available only through the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts