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Painting Workshop in Valencia, Spain: June 8-15

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I am very excited to announce a painting workshop that I will be offering in Valencia, Spain. We will paint at several stunning locations outdoors and spend time expanding upon our observational studies in the studio.

Instruction, transportation, private rooms, and three meals a day* (wine and beer included), are included. The beautifully landscaped home includes a pool and tennis court, as well as a lovely studio for our use. Meals together allow us time to discuss art, life and our goals.

*dinner on the night of arrival, breakfast on the day of departure

The cost per person is $1950 for the week. Pay before December 1st, 2018, for a reduced rate of $1750. 

I fell in love with Spain and Portugal in the 80s, when I hitch-hiked from Lisbon to Amsterdam with my friend Pete. I've been back several times since, to paint landscapes, volunteer on organic farms, attend an artists' residency, visit as many art museums as possible and a few of the astonishing cathedrals, and enjoy the food and wine with my husband. 

I've been studying both Portuguese and Spanish on and off for decades and speak some of both (sometimes a mixture). Travel is essential to my work, as is being outdoors, trying new things, and exploring and getting lost in new territory. Community is just as necessary. The work of an artist can be lonely, and I find inspiration in being surrounded by other artists at work. 

I spent two months painting in Spain and Portugal this spring. I filled sketchbooks with paintings done from observation and created tons of tiny paintings from memory and imagination as well. My focus was on absorbing as much of my surroundings as possible and recording it in my sketchbooks for later use. Since returning, I've been developing some of these small sketches into larger pieces.

I've been teaching painting, drawing, and illustration since 1992 to students of all ages and experience levels- from private lessons and community centers to the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. My professional career includes solo and group shows around the US and abroad, as well as illustrated books and exhibition illustration for the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC.





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