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Art of Natural History Tour, Netherlands

Art of Natural History Tour, Netherlands

The Netherlands hold countless treasures of the meeting of art and science. We'll examine some of the most extraordinary books and prints of the 15th-18th centuries, draw from the collections of superb science museums and botanical gardens, and examine the influence of scientific discovery on the art of the Northern Renaissance.

This week-long course is an immersion in the history of collecting and cataloguing natural wonders during a period of European expansion and scientific discovery. We'll look at the complete picture of illustrating the natural world over several centuries, including the exploitation of humans and resources that were part of colonialism.

We'll meet at 9:30 am (sharp) each day and immerse ourselves in art history and drawing until 5 pm. Costs for the course do not include meals and accommodations, so you will decide how luxurious or frugal these will be. Recommendations will be provided.

We'll live like locals for the week, using public transportation to explore the city.

This opportunity is tentatively scheduled for September of 2024. Join mailing list for updates and be sure to include Netherlands/Natural History in the subject line.