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Color and Design

Color and Design

Learn to control the flow and application of paint as well as the essentials of color-mixing and creating color harmony. You'll develop your understanding of value, color temperature, and simultaneous contrast through a series of class exercises. Students will execute a series of small designs based on limited palettes in gouache (water-based or acrylic).

8 weeks


August 2nd- Sept. 20th

Please support your local art store by purchasing through them whenever possible.

Acrylic Gouache colors: Primary Yellow, Primary Red, Primary Blue, Emerald Green, Cadmium-free Orange,  Prism Violet, Mars Black and Titanium White.

Brushes: 1/4" flat, 1/4" filbert, 1/2" flat, 1/2" filbert, round and liner brushes*.

11 x 14 pad WATER MEDIA bristol paper

pencils, eraser, ruler, compass

palette for acrylic paints

rags (preferred over paper towels)

water containers (like large yogurt tubs from recycling bin)

*If you're not sure what size "round" and "liner" brushes to purchase, buy these:

Simply Simmons brush liner 1

Simply Simmons brush round 1 and 3

Simply Simmons brush script 1