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Scratchboard Drawing Workshop

Scratchboard Drawing Workshop

Learn the tips and tools of creating a successful scratchboard drawing. This medium allows for fine details, unusual textures, high contrast in values.

I'll demonstrate how to transfer your drawing onto the surface, how to use a variety of drawing tools, and how to correct mistakes. Working together after the demonstration gives students time to experiment and ask questions.

Saturday, April 17th

noon-1:30 pm



(*I advise AGAINST the paper-backed scratchboard, as it tears easily. Ampersand brand is best) Please support your local art store whenever possible, or an online art supply retailer. Dick Blick has everything you need.


Saral transfer paper

adhesive putty

Exacto knife (There are many drawing tools available for this medium. I prefer an Exacto knife and these scratchboard blades)

I also use an upholstery or inflexible sewing needle taped to a pencil. Some artists like to use steel wool, but it will leave an oily residue, which darkens the black surface of the scratchboard.

OR you might like a variety of scratchboard blades

black 01 micron pen for corrections



drawing the size of your scratchboard- your drawing should be done before the workshop so that you can start scratching in class