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Why Fish Don't Exist, by Lulu Miller; illustrated by Kate Samworth

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I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with my friend, Lulu Miller. Her sense of wonder, curiosity, and optimism is inspiring. She is funny and brilliant and a great story teller. She is also the Peabody award winning NPR science journalist renowned for her work on the popular radio shows/podcasts RadioLab, Invisibilia, Heavyweight, and Nancy.

Her extensive book tour and the art exhibits of the illustrations have been postponed indefinitely, but you can hear some great interviews with her online.

To see our online booklaunch:

Her interview on The Hilarious World of Depression:

Interview with Ari Shapiro and Lulu Miller on NPR:

 If you'd rather read an interview, here are a few great options:

The Believer magazine:

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